Pumwani Hospital on the spot again


A family is accusing Pumwani Hospital of negligence after their relative died at the facility under unclear circumstances.

Family members say that the hospital has not given them an explanation on the circumstances under which she lost her life.
A post-mortem performed at City Mortuary shows Obwaya died of ‘obstructive labour’ due to ‘cephalo-pelvic disproportion’.
Obwaya’s husband Stephen Mutuku informed the Standard that during the post morterm, she still had the baby inside her womb when the post-mortem was done.”This means no effort was made to deliver the baby, even through caesarean section. The report shows they never attended to her. It is disappointing. It is like I took her there to die,” .
The post-mortem report shows the baby was 4.4 kilos against an average weight of 3.2-3.4 kilos, which would ordinarily rule out normal delivery.

The hospital’s acting medical superintendent, Fariah Affi, termed the death unfortunate.“It was her fourth child and we expected a normal delivery. Her case was not like that of a first-time mother where you keep checking on her. Every indicator showed it would be smooth delivery. The change was unanticipated,” said Dr Affi.

“The patient was actually in the process of being wheeled to theatre when she died,” Affi added.

Obwaya’s brother, Evans Achimba, said: “Her body was swollen, it was not easy to recognise her. We relied on a mark on her left arm to identify her.”