A father who lost his son after being left unattended has sued the Aga Khan Hospital for  negligence.

The hospital has filled a petition at the High Court seeking to stop the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board’s disciplinary and ethics committee from hearing the complaint.
Through lawyer Aggrey Mukasa, the hospital claims the disciplinary and ethics committee has no powers to investigate the claims, noting it has shown open bias against the medical facility.
Onyatta claims his son Maxwell Ochieng had a kidney problem for which he used to undergo normal dialysis at Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu twice a week and on May 30, his son went to the hospital for the routine dialysis but he was later called back since there was an emergency .


He said he found his son  struggling to breathe and he sadly kicked the bucket three days after being admitted to the ICU. Ochieng says medical report indicated that his son had asthma, seizure disorder, HIV and systemic hypertension yet none of those conditions had ever been previously diagnose.

This is not the first time this specific hospital has been sued by a patient. In 2018, a lady sued this hospital for negligence after doctors left surgical tools in her body and the court ordered that she should be paid 3 Million for damages