US pastor arrested in Rwanda


An American missionary who ran a conservative evangelical church and radio station in Rwanda was arrested in Kigali, Rwanda on Monday before he held a press conference to criticize the government for closing down on churches like his.

Rev. Gregg Schoof is among those who have criticized the Rwandan government for allowing access to abortion and birth control.

He established a Baptist church and Amazing Grace Christian Radio. But the government revoked his station’s license and shut down his church. In addition, the government did not renew his family’s visas

“I did not come here to fight the government. I came to preach the Gospel,” Mr. Schoof said in a statement he brought to what he had billed as a final news conference. “But this government has taken a stand against God with its heathen practice

The government of Rwanda has been conducting a crackdown on religious institutions that fail to comply with the stipulated laws on building standards.

Human rights advocates have accused the president of violating religious rights and free expression.

Mr. Schoof’s radio station license was revoked in 2018 after it aired a sermon in which a pastor was heard denigrating women by calling them evil.