Locusts Attack Ethiopian Airline Plane MidAIR


An Ethiopian Airlines passenger plane is reported to have diverted to the capital Addis Ababa instead of a scheduled landing in the chartered city of Dire Dawa after it ran into a swarm of grasshoppers.

The decision to divert to Addis Ababa was due to reduced visibility despite efforts by the pilots to clean the windscreens upon impact with the locusts.

The plane, Boeing 7373-700 ET-ALN was coming from Djibouti and was scheduled to land at the Dire Dawa Airport when it encountered a few swarms.

The swarms multiplied with time obscuring the vicinity forcing the pilots to look for a venue to do the emergency landing.

The swarms stuck on the engine, and on the windscreen pilots using the wipers to clear them without any success. After the failure to land at Dire Dawa despite many attempts, the plane was diverted to Addis Ababa where it safely landed.

No casualty was reported in the incidence, the aircraft resuming operations after thorough inspection and cleaning. T