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Nigeria president order for a crackdown of abuse at Islamic schools


Nigeria’s president ordered a crackdown on abuse at Islamic schools, after a second police raid revealed men and boys subjected to beatings, abuse and squalid conditions.

Almost 300 students have been held captive in a school located in Daura area.Police said that they discovered the students were being treated in an “inhuman and degrading” manner.

“Mr. President has directed the police to disband all such centers and all the inmates be handed over to their parents,” said a presidential spokesman.

“The government cannot allow centers where people, male and female, are maltreated in the name of religion,” he said.

The 67 inmates who were freed by Katsina police had been chained, and others were taken to hospital for treatment,according to the police superintendent Isah Gambo

“I tell you they were in very bad condition when we met them,” Gambo said.

Police said they had arrested the owner of the facility and two teachers, and were tracking other suspects.

Local resident Umar Galadima said that escaped captives were “running for their lives,” with some throwing stones or brandishing weapons to fend off workers who tried to take them back to the facility.

“The inmates are actually from different parts of the country – Kano, Taraba, Adamawa and Plateau States,” he said. “Some of them are not even Nigerians. They come from Niger, Chad and even Burkina Faso and other countries.”