Former senator Paul Njoroge tells the president to apologise to Kenyans for allowing Ruto drain public resources


Former Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge  wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to apologise to Kenyans for allowing his deputy William Ruto to allegedly “drain public resources” by engaging in 2022 election campaigns.

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday, Mr. Njoroge said Mt. Kenya will not vote for DP Ruto as the president in 2022.

The  ex-legislator pointed an accusing finger at the DP over the loss of public funds in the first National Youth Service (NYS) scandal.

“There has been massive theft in the country… I would like President Uhuru Kenyatta not to have fear but unearth Ruto’s scandals,” he said.

Hakuna deni ya 10 years Uhuru and 10 years Ruto…That was a slip of the tongue from the president and it is allowed.”

Mr. Njoroge said the opposition party leader he is the country’s best bet to succeed President Kenyatta at State House.

“Raila is the most suitable candidate for president in this country…Uhuru Kenyatta is also the most suitable executive Prime Minister to finish his projects that he did not do when he was constrained by his deputy,” he stated.