Gideon Moi endorsed as Moi’s political successor, handed famous ‘fimbo ya nyayo’


Baringo Senator Gideon Moi on Wednesday  was endorsed as Moi’s political successor fafter he was handed a replica of the late Daniel Moi’s symbolic rungu.

Gideon’s  brother who is  Rongai MP Raymond Moi – summoned him to the dais during Moi’s funeral  and entrusted him with leading the family and the community on political matters.

Raymond had earlier on been invited by an elder, on behalf of Moi’s extended family, to provide directions on who would be stepping into the massive shoes left behind by the late president who ruled Kenya for 24 years.

“According to tradition, it is the first born who is given the responsibility of taking care of the homestead, so I would like to call Raymond Moi – as the first born – to give us directions, because somebody must fill Mzee’s shoes and his rungu cannot just remain dormant.”said the elder.

“Looking at this thing (rungu)…in terms of seniority, I am now the leader of the family. But, in terms of politics, I want to give this to Gideon. And I want to say that, just the way Mzee looked after us; the way Mzee looked after Kenya; we also want to tell him (Gideon) to ensure KANU is revived,” said Raymond.

“We want KANU to be revived, and we also want to be part of the BBI because we are behind Raila Odinga and we are behind the President in trying to create a better Kenya for all of us. So I’m giving Gideon Mzee’s rungu, not the real one, and if he pussyfoots then I am also here.”

Gideon, on his part, said: “Honestly, I was not expecting this…and even holding this rungu…I will do my best, putting God forward, so thank you to the Moi family and to the Kalenjin community.”