Kimani Ichung’wa moved from Budget to ‘Catering’ committee after Jubilee purge


Kikuyu Member of Parliament (MP) Kimani Ichung’wa who was recently de-whipped from the Budget and Appropriations Committee has been slotted in the Member Services Committee, previously known as the Catering Committee.

Ichung’wa welcomed his inclusion into the Member Services and Facilities Committee, though seen as a demotion from the influential Budget Committee.

“…I thank the Majority Leader and Majority Whip for the opportunity to serve in the Member Services Committee, which was previously known as the Catering Committee… these services includes virtual sittings in this age of COVID-19 to help elderly members like baba of Parliament Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi and Maina Kamanda, to continue serving their constituents… This is also the committee that oversights the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC),” said Ichung’wa.

Minority Whip in the National Assembly Junet Mohamed, while dismissing talk of Ruto brigade being demoted and placed in perceived inferior committees, sparked laughter in the House, when he urged Ichung’wa to take up the committee assignment.

“There is nothing like a lucrative committee… I know Ichung’wa is a committed member who will serve very well in the Catering Committee. Under corona, there are no services being given in the House, but when we return, I will blame Hon. Ichung’wa if the quality of my tea and mandazi goes down,” said Junet.

“…I know where Junet comes from, catering is very important… but member services include being facilitated to attend even today’s House sitting to be able to transact parliamentary business… I will take up this assignment with passion, energy and gusto…,” said Ichung’wa.

“…I thank Hon. Ichung’wa for the passion and gusto, i knew he would…i know he even operates butcheries in Kikuyu town…” retorted Junet.