Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu impeached


The Kiambu County Assembly has voted to impeach Governor Ferdinand Waititu over alleged abuse of office.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu impeached

63 MCAs voted in support of the motion which was  tabled by Ndenderu MCA Solomon Kinuthia .One MCA voted against the motion while 28 were absent, thus, the motion met the required two-thirds majority threshold.

At the same time, a motion to impeach Deputy Governor Nyoro on the grounds of gross violation of the Constitution and the County Government Act flopped after Witeithie MCA Macharia Taki, who was pushing it failed to attend the session.

The fate of Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu is now in the hands of the Senate

The law stipulates that the Senate must, within 10 days of receiving the county assembly’s resolution from the Speaker to determine whether or not the claims in the impeachment are substantiate