Judge disqualifies herself from hearing Sonko case


Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi has disqualified herself from hearing the case involving Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

This comes a month after the Governor sought to have her recuse herself alongside her colleagues Grace Ngenye and John Onyiego.

In July last year, Lady Justice Ngugi ruled that “elected executives cannot continue attending office when facing corruption related charges.”

She added that: “…would it serve the public interest for a governor to go back to office and preside over the finances of the county that he has been charged with embezzling.”

“What message does it send to the citizens if their leaders are charged with serious corruption offenses and are in office the following day, overseeing the affairs of the institution?” she added.

Lady Justice Ngugi has referred the case to the Principal Judge.

It is to be mentioned on January 29.