Ruto :I Am Not Married to Uhuru


Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday evening, January 23, addressed matters surrounding his friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta in an interview conducted by NTV‘s Ken Mijungu.

Ruto stated that the president and himself, should only be questioned on what they promised to deliver to Kenyans and not their relationship.

“I have heard many stories and I have read many headlines, ‘the marriage has died, bromance and love’.

“My friend  Uhuru Kenyatta is married to Margaret and I am married to Rachel. There is no marriage business here. We were elected by Kenyans to do a job, Uhuru as president and I as the deputy president. What you should be asking me is; ‘are you delivering on the job you were given by Kenyans?’, ” the DP questioned.

Ruto dismissed claims that he was frustrating the government, arguing that he had always supported the president.

“I have heard the narrative that I am fighting the president but many people who are running that narrative are people in NASA. They have never voted for Uhuru Kenyatta but are now inciting him against me,” he remarked.

“I have supported Uhuru Kenyatta at every turn. There is no politician who has done what I have done for him. They insulted him, called him all manner of names and now want to lecture me on how to relate with him. Please give me a break,” he added.

The UhuRuto relationship has been questioned by many Kenyans, especially since the March 9, 2018 handshake.