Thirdway Alliance suspends party leader Ekuru Aukot


Drama was on Wednesday witnessed at the Thirdway Alliance headquarters in Nairobi as Ekuru Aukot was removed from his position as the party leader.

A section of the party members, led by Secretary General Fredrick Okango, accused Aukot of various irregularities and financial impropriety.

Mr. Okango, in a statement later issued to the press, said the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) held a meeting earlier in the day and considered complaints raised against Aukot by various party members.

The party Secretary General further added” “Dr Ekuru Aukot has been suspended as the party leader indefinitely and shall not represent or transact any business on behalf of the party pending determination of the matter by the disciplinary committee.”

Dr Aukot was hence also directed to appear before the disciplinary committee.