‘If it was me, I would not stand that abuse’: Waiguru on Uhuru-Ruto


Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has voiced his opinion on DP William Ruto saying if she was Uhuru Kenyatta she would not have endured endless bashing, abuse and disrespect.

Speaking in Kirinyaga, Waiguru compared the Uhuru-Ruto partnership to a legally binding marriage.

“Sometimes, even if you love your wife, it becomes too much, you need to have mutual respect, respect the hierarchy, Uhuru has endured so much, if it was me, I would not stand that abuse,” she said.

“Even if you lose your partner, you do not stay alone, you look for another one and keep life moving,”

“We are not saying that we did not agree on the 10-10 presidential term for the two, but at some point it gets out of hand and you have to finish what you promised Kenyans even without your better half,” She added.