George Natembeya: Politicians who incite the public to be barred from contesting in 2022


Rift valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya has issued a  warning to politicians against inciting the public, saying they will be barred from vying in 2022.

Speaking in Tiamamut on Saturday when he presided over a peace meeting that brought together leaders and residents from Isiolo and Laikipia counties.

During the meeting, Natembeya said leaders who make statements likely to spur ethnic animosity will be locked up before the campaigns begin.

Tension has been brewing among the Maasai community from Laikipia and their Samburu counterparts from Isiolo over cattle rustling and border dispute.

Natembeya said that border issues are not supposed to cause conflicts among Kenyans who have lived together for ages, insisting that the round of conflicts indicated that politics was at play.