The shame of representing Kenya in sports


Kenya’s National Women’s  Netball team were denied entry to a hotel in Cape town when they went for Africa Cup Championship. They were told that the government has not paid for their accommodation.

Carol Radull who is a household name in the country when it comes to sports ,posted this on her Instagram account.

” They left Kenya last Thursday night to participate in the Africa Cup Championship in CapeTown. 18- 23rd Oct. Government got them air tickets and visas. On arrival at their hotel on Friday morning they were denied entry because “your government has not paid.”

She added that the team went to the tournament venue to and showered in the gym and slept on empty stomachs since they didn’t have a place to get meals from.

“A Kenyan who lives in Cape Town and knew one team member felt sorry for them, bought them bread and milk and took them to a lodge owned by a Cameroonian lady who agreed to house them as “your government settles the bill .The Cameroonian lady has been feeding them when she can afford to, at her cost but most of the time, the girls sleep hungry.”

She continued to say that the team is supposed to leave but the lodge owner where they were staying wants to retain some passports due to the blls.

“The girls are due to leave tomorrow though the lodge owner will retain some passports until bills are cleared. When contacted yesterday by officials from the team, the government ALLEGEDLY said: “before issuing payment for hotels we need three different quotes to show why a particular hotel was selected.”

She further said that after contacting officials in the Ministry of sports no one answered her call. “I have tried to call the Sports Ministry but no answer. This is shameful and disgusting. These girls deserve better and sadly this isn’t the first team facing such an issue. This is the #ShameOfRepresentingKenya in Sport.”