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Oh! Mama Mboga Ati Sasa Mkokoteni, Sijui Wheelbarrow Hiyo ni Takataka, Says Raila.

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Oh! Mama Mboga Ati Sasa Mkokoteni, Sijui Wheelbarrow Hiyo ni Takataka, Says Raila.


The state of the Kenyan economy moving forward has once again pitted former Prime minister, Hon. Raila Odinga and the Deputy president Hon. William Ruto.

Speaking in Tigoni this afternoon, while meeting business leaders from Kiambu County at the home of Mr. James Anthony Kariuki Nginyo, the former premier reiterated his stance that there must be a concise, well-thought-out plan of rebuilding the economy.

“We will change the way business is done in this country. We will first start by protecting and promoting the local investors.” Said the former premier.

He further dispelled assertions that foreign investors come to build and develop our nation.

“Foreign investors do not come to develop a country, they come to put their capital there and make a profit. Once they make the profit it is repatriated to their countries and dividends shared among shareholders,” he explained

In what is seen as a jab at the deputy president and team, Mr. Odinga said the country will not afford to rely on promises built on untested economic models largely anchored on sloganeering.

“We have a bigger agenda than somebody just coming up and saying ‘ oh ‘mama mboga’ ati Sasa mkokoteni, sijui wheelbarrow hiyo ni takataka. We have a big issue which we need to discuss,” elucidated Mr. Odinga.

These statements have come under scathing attack from a section of Hon. Ruto’s supporters with many taking to social media platforms to express their anger at their idea being termed ‘takataka’.

Led by Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Hon Kipchumba Murkomen the leaders have attacked the premier and chided him for what they term ridiculing the informal sector of the economy and youths that lack jobs by calling them takataka.

Prominent lawyer senior counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC has also questioned the former prime minister’s statements.

“How can the basic needs of the poor man/women be “takataka”,” posed the lawyer on his Twitter handle.”

Popular political commentator Edward Waswa Kisiang’ani castigated Hon. Odinga as one who favors a trickle-down model that favours the elite in the society.

@ekisiangani “Raila is a trickle-down bourgeois economic advocate. To him, anything else is takataka.”

The battle for the best model suited for Kenya is surely far from over but it remains to be seen if in all this the citizenry and Kenya as a country has to come out the victor.

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