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Placement Data for Degree Programs (KCSE 2020 Candidates)

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Placement Data for Degree Programs (KCSE 2020 Candidates)


An alarming 7,850 have failed to be placed in various institutions of higher learning after missing out on the revision of courses.

During the release of the university placement at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development on Tuesday it was evident that lack of guidance from schools may have contributed to the unfortunate incident.

“Of great concern to us is the low number of schools that assist their candidates to apply for universities and colleges,” said the agitated Education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha.

Parents have also been put on the spot for failing to assist their children during the process culminating in the rising number of those failing to apply or missing the deadline.

“We appeal to parents and teachers to help us in supporting KCSE candidates to choose careers at school,” explained Prof. Magoha.

In some instances, some applied for one competitive program in competitive universities in all the provided choices.

A total of 142,540 students with mean grades of C+ and above were eligible for placement to Universities and Colleges.

Of those eligible, 128,073 students were placed into degree programs (89.85 %) while 6,617 into TVET programs (4.64 %). A total of 7,850 students did not apply.

118, 822 learners were placed competitively while 9,251 shared. The shared students are those unsuccessful during competitive placement.

Overall, according to KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Agnes Wahome, there was a 7 percent increase in the total number of candidates who sat the KCSE examination from 688,927 in 2019 to 737,527 in 2020.

Shared below is the placement data for degree programs



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