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Raila Odinga – Prioritize Unity For Development

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Raila Odinga – Prioritize Unity For Development


By Didacus Malowa

Hon. Raila Odinga has stressed the importance of unity in achieving Kenya’s development goals.

Speaking in Nakuru where he addressed the nation, the former prime minister made unity the key factor in all development plans.

“Our country needs a coherent plan to recast and implement our long-term development plans as contained in the Vision 2030. We must unite to build prosperity and share it equitably, on a table where everyone feels represented,” he said during his address.

During the national address, Odinga pointed out ills that have long bedeviled our nation negatively impacting our development agenda

“We need a united front against corruption and impunity. We need unity of purpose around core long-term and consistent, not erratic policies with clearly defined goals as demanded by Kenyans,” he explained further.

Mr. Odinga narrated how nations around the world are built on the backbone of unity and equality encouraging the spirit of healing and reconciliation for the growth of the nation.

 “We have spoken so much about unity because we believe it matters.  A house divided cannot stand. We must take the high road, and summon the angels in us, not recall our demons,” explained the former premier.

“We know where history has led those countries that fell victim to the sweet tongues of politicians.  We must not allow ourselves to be falsely led down that path in 2022,” he said, warning Kenyans not to allow themselves to be lied to by politicians.

He further emphasized the need for tolerance and acceptance of our diversity as a nation to be able to solve problems affecting Kenyans.

“To address the problems afflicting our people in a sustainable manner, we must bring the diversity of our people, their leaders, and their problems onto one table and embark on a systematic and transparent search for solutions, as equal stakeholders.” He concluded.

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