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Ruto: I Don’t Have a Problem with AP officers Assigned to Guide Me.


Ruto: I Don’t Have a Problem with AP officers Assigned to Guide Me.


Changing the security detail of the vice president of Kenya William Ruto has caused a lot of controversies.

The state has withdrawn officers from the General Service Unit (GSU) who were guarding his official residence in Karen and his rural Sugoi home.
The security detail with the elite presidential escort guards was asked to clear from the residences on the morning of Thursday, August 26, and was replaced with officers drawn from the Administration Police.

Ruto now says the changes are the least of his worries, asking the government to focus on more important issues, “I want to tell Kenyans, the deputy president is only one person. The most important thing is how we can change our country. There are millions of young Kenyans without jobs and that is a priority. The issue of GSU, AP, and what not are non-issues. we should not waste time on that” he said.

“I don’t have any problem when the AP officers are assigned to guard me. When the GSU’s are needed somewhere I still don’t have an issue with that. And if it happens that the APs are withdrawn, they can as well assign those from G4S to guard me” stated Ruto.

Other leaders have also come in support of Ruto saying that the decision that was made was ludicrous, selfish, and undefined since he is a leader who needs a high-security detail.

What is your view on Ruto’s security detail being changed?

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