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Sonford Fish and Chips into Debris and Flames

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Sonford Fish and Chips into Debris and Flames


The popular fast-food restaurant, Sonford fish and chips went up in flames late last night during curfew hours. Witnesses at the scene reported that the fire started at around 10 pm.

Passers-by and on-lookers took to social media and posted about the incident that was happening in the area. The cause of last night’s fire could not be established immediately, but onlookers reported that it had spread out to neighboring shops.

The building on Moi avenue is dotted with stalls selling mobile phones, clothing, and many other small businesses. Sonford has been in existence from time immemorial and has served many people living around Nairobi area.

During the day, the joint is usually jam-packed especially during lunch hour as hundreds flock there daily. It has warmed its way into Nairobian’s hearts despite much bad press that has tried to slide its way into the public.

Before curfew, if you took a drive around Nairobi CBD down Moi Avenue in
the wee hours of the morning when it’s dark outside, Sonford was usually full of people coming from clubs, drunk and hungry.

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