Transport paralyzed in Kasarani- Mwiki road over poor state of roads


Transport in Kasarani-Mwiki road has been paralyzed on Monday as matatu operators took to the streets early in the morning to protest over the poor state of roads.

The  road has been in a bad state for a long period of time and residents have had to walk to Thika road since vehicles could not access the area.

They are angry over the fact that their Member of Parliament Mercy Gakuya has done nothing to improve the state of the road.

The roads were blocked with lit bonfires around Sunton area as early as 5 am as the matatu operators chanted for reforms paralyzing transport in the area.

This is not the first time that the matatu operators have taken to the streets to complain about the poor state of the road.

Transport paralysed in Kasarani as matatu operators protest over bad road