Egerton University Students Clash With Police For Second Day


Egerton University students are engaging with police as they demonstrate over the high damage fee imposed on them as they were reporting back to campus.

The institution had released a notice informing the students that they were to report back over the weekend so as to begin their end-of-semester examinations and required them to pay a damage fee of Ksh 16,000 for the previous demonstration in December.

A letter from the congress body was seen to be sent to the Egerton University Deputy Vice-Chancellor to reduce the fee charges.

The letter, however, proved unproductive as the administration remained firm with their decision. A new internal memo dated 13th January 2020 was seen advising students to boycott the exams to demonstrate the high damage fee and the deferment of second and third years.

Another document from the institution indicated that students had to sign a commitment letter to pay the damage fee by end of February 2020 for them to be readmitted back to campus.