Man sets three churches on fire, says he is still broke despite church preaching prosperity


John Reagan Ngobi,a 21-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly burning down three churches in Uganda.

According to detectives Ngobi reported himself to Kira Division police and he was with three  knives.

Preliminary investigations say he carried out the act after saying he has remained poor despite the churches preaching prosperity gospel.

“I burnt these churches because of anger arising from the fact that these churches preach about prosperity but I have remained poor all throughout,” He said.

The churches that were burnt down are:St. Noah Catholic Church, God’s Tour Promising Church, and Liberty Church of Christ International.

He had armed himself with three  knives in the fear that congregants would descend on him during the act.

“The poverty situation motivated me to buy two litres of Petrol and one of Paraffin, which I used to burn these respective churches,” He added.

Local leaders at Kosokoso village, located in Kira Municipality said Ngobi is a repeat offender who can do anything.