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WhatsApp Banking

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WhatsApp Banking

The launch

The launch

Absa Bank Kenya has launched a new revolution within the banking industry that allows its customers to access their accounts and transact via WhatsApp.

With most Kenyans moving to use the platform for most of their communication, Absa Bank has made the youth their target market.

“One thing we realized is that 97 percent of Kenyans within tele connectivity use WhatsApp. So, we were thinking about how to bring this increased convenience to our customers and rather than making our customers come to us we said why don’t we go to them,” said Jerry Awori, the bank managing director.

Absa has given this functionality a human personality as a devoted, always-on banking assistant, named Abby.

The chatbot not only gives you information but also helps with your banking transactions.

“It’s a chatbot and while that is different from anything else in the market, it doesn’t only give you information it can also do financial transactions,” explained Awori.

The interaction has been made as user friendly as possible taking into account the aspect of human touch needed in delivery of banking services.

“The exciting thing about it is that it communicates in simple language as you can actually say words to it and it is able to follow up as opposed to saying pick one for this or two for this. It actually learns using artificial intelligence and machine-learning to get used to you,” he further narrated its strengths.

Through the innovation, customers are in a position to conduct some of the most common digital transactions in the market such as personal account-to-Mpesa/Airtel Money transactions, inter-account transfers, bill payments, balance enquiry, among others, on WhatsApp.

To register for Absa WhatsApp banking, Save Abby’s number 0710 130 000 as a contact on your cell phone.

Open WhatsApp and search for Abby in your contact list.

Say ‘Hello’ to register and follow the steps to start transacting.

The move according to Mr Awori is a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to continue investing in digitally led innovative solutions with the ever-changing digital space in Kenya.

He further confirmed the bank having committed to invest at least Sh1.6 billion this year towards digitisation, automation and innovation.

“Essentially, we are transforming banking from being a series of complex transactions into a simple conversation on Whatsapp,” he said.

WhatsApp banking ushers the banking sector into the new age of banking which integrates transactional, conversational and personalized banking services in a continuous, fast and reliable way.


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