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Xtian Dela, the Leader or the Conman?

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Xtian Dela, the Leader or the Conman?


Xtian Dela, a youth activist, has come out clean to declare that his intentions are not to defraud Kenyans of their money.

Xtian Dela has declared his aspirations to run for the Member of Parliament, Westlands. Since then, he has been mobilizing for cash through different applications.

In a video that he made on his Instagram page, he lauds the fact that he has not been receiving the support that is necessary for his aspirations, especially from the youths.

A section of Kenyans now feel that he is out to fleece and defraud them. A fan called him out saying, “You are a conman, you realized the power of the 10 bobs and 5 bobs when it’s many people contributing. Hakuna ati youth believe in you, you are running a pyramid scheme”

A defensive Ndela responded by saying, “Thanks for the hurtful words, God bless”

In a different screenshot, Ndela is seen responding to a different fan saying the fan criticizing him does not even know who he is nor what he stands for.

He made his name through the Covid club event that gave him millions during the Covid period. He has also been in the limelight in the support of the LGBTQ community fighting for inclusivity of their rights.

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